Sick And Tired Of Less Costing More?

“Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.”

Sam Ewing

Apart from the ‘living under the rocks’ brigade, most of us are now aware of the serious problem inflation poses on an already extremely fragile economy. With poor employment and growth figures, there is very little leeway for increasing prices and decreased purchasing power. Rising petrol/gas prices alone pose a serious threat to any form of economic recovery that may be on the not-too-distant horizon.

To be blunt, we are sick of inflation, and sick of discovering that everything one would want to buy on a regular basis seems to cost more and more. Although house prices, electronics, and car prices may be falling (or at least remaining fairly constant) it is the little things in life that demonstrate the crippling powers of inflation so well. Food prices have soared over the past decade. Transport costs are through the roof. Energy, heating, and clothing all cost far more than they once did.

In order to help you comprehend inflation, its causes, its consequences, and potential solutions, we at Caerleon Publishing will be putting lots of energy into inflation-related material. There have already been a few posts about this issue, as well as how you can use precious metals to safeguard you from inflation. Golden Bull, our very own precious metals investment guide offers masses of information about inflation and protecting yourself from it as well.

We have also started a new dedicated section on this website, entitled ‘Protecting Savings From Inflation’, which will become the focal point of insight and analysis into inflation, as well as how you can use precious metals and other ‘tools’ to protect your income and purchasing power from this tempestuous force. Check it out know and enlighten yourself further on the subject of inflation – just click the text link above, or the permalink at the top of the page.

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