Essential Reading

Here is a list of some essential external reading and useful links. Only the best sites make it to this page, but if you would like to be considered or reciprocate links then send an email to caerleon dot publishing at Рall quality gold, silver, and free market thinking websites will be considered.

The List

NZ Gold - Caerleon Publishing Limited’s first ever website. NZ Gold has been around for over five years now and enjoys a steady readership, focusing on gold and silver, free market issues, and lifestyle concerns.

Zero Hedge - Probably the best source for up-to-date financial and markets news. There is a solid focus here on deconstructing the spin in the mainstream media, as well as telling the whole story. A highly active (and often very entertaining) community participate on this website, posting comments and discussing issues etc. It is important to note that the discussion comments are often not appropriate for a work place environment, however. Regardless Zero Hedge is essential daily reading.

The Daily Bell РAnother Caerleon favourite, this website (based in Switzerland) is firmly dedicated to brining free-market analysis of financial news and current affairs. Featured writers include Ron Paul and Antal Fekete. Emphasis is placed on finding the truth in mainstream media reports.  There is a huge amount of reading to be done here.

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