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A Strong Day For Precious Metals

In some brief news, today has proven to be a rather strong one for both gold and silver. At present gold is up at $1529.10/oz (yet again another nominal high) coming from an opener of around $1510. Silver is trading … Continue reading

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On The Subject Of Insanity – NZ’s Gold Reserves

New Zealand, Aotearoa, a land famed for its beauty, for its incredible amount of sheep, and more recently for its earthquakes. Middle Earth was made in New Zealand. We, at Caerleon Publishing, live in New Zealand. However, there is one … Continue reading

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Introducing Golden Bull – Our “House” Gold And Silver Guide

As you can see from the events in precious metals that unfolded over the last 24 hours, we are truly experiencing a period of market instability that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. Investing in gold and silver … Continue reading

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Precious Metals Go Wild – Silver Nearly At $50

As the world wakes up to the end of the fiat currency Ponzi scheme we are seeing a truly amazing scenario play out before our eyes- in the last few hours gold and silver prices have gone crazy. Here is … Continue reading

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Is It Too Late To Invest In Gold?

More and more, gold and silver are starting to be talked about as viable investment options. Interest in the precious metals is soaring, especially as silver prices approach their record highs, and gold is being seen as a good hedge … Continue reading

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Breaking News – Gold Price Hits $1500 USD

The chart below says it all- gold prices have just crossed the $1500 USD mark: How long it will remain above this mark at present is to be seen, although it is no doubt an important psychological barrier. Gold prices … Continue reading

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Safe Online Gold And Silver Buying

Continuing with the theme of safe online gold and silver buying, let us explore further the secure and reliable options you have when purchasing precious metals over the Internet. The World Wide Web is certainly a wonderful resource, but there … Continue reading

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Silver Crosses $42 An Ounce – Highest Price Since 1981

The simply eye-watering surge in silver prices over the past few months continues unabated. For the first time since 1981 silver prices have crossed $42 an ounce- we are seeing a 30 year high unfold before us. ┬áThe all time … Continue reading

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Buying Gold Coins On eBay And Other Auction Sites – Be Aware

Online auction websites are great, there is simply no other place to put it. Where else do you get the opportunity to purvey such a large selection of everybody else’s unwanted Christmas presents and birthday gifts? Nowhere, that’s where. Increasingly, … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat iPads – Causes Of Food Inflation In The 21st Century

Nary a day goes by without some government mouthpiece telling us that inflation, especially food and energy inflation, is not a concern. The general gist of these daily rites of con-artistry is that we are imagining the cost of feeding … Continue reading

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