How Do I Invest In Gold?

How do you invest in gold?

Buy the rotten stuff of course!

We joke, we joke. In all seriousness, investing in gold can be quite a daunting process, especially if you are new to investing. Although gold is a time-tested and proven investment option, it can still prove itself to be incredibly volatile, which can lead to the potential to lose a lot of money (although you could also make a vast sum)

However, the best thing about gold is that it offers a practical and functional hedge against inflation. Those of us concerned with rampant currency debasement and the continuing decimation of fiat currency purchasing power are big proponents of the precious metals, namely gold and silver.

So how does one invest in gold exactly? There are a number of different options for dabbling in the yellow metal, most of which we have covered at length in previous posts. For further reading try some of these older posts:

Protecting your savings from inflation (by investing in precious metals)

What is the best way to invest in gold and silver?

How to buy gold online

Once you have read through those posts, it is time to move onto some more in-depth strategies for investing in gold. You should start by getting yourself a copy of Golden Bull, which is our in-house gold investment eBook- it contains a plethora of invaluable advice and insight, and has won rave reviews from readers.

Investing in precious metals is not an easy process, and the road to successful investing is long and hard. There are many different investment options you have to weight up, such as:

  • Whether you want physical bullion/bars- and if so, how exactly are you going to store them safely?
  • Would you prefer gold in a form that is quickly tradable for profit-taking/loss-stopping?
  • How much you should invest in various forms of gold.
  • Reading the market to try and see where the price is headed.

You can really give yourself a headache quickly when it comes to investing in gold. Therefore, it pays to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Read through the pages and posts on this very blog and you will be well-grounded in how to invest in gold.


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Interesting Watching – Will The US Government Confiscate My Gold?

Here is a very interesting YouTube commentary video by Darryl Robert Schoon, which discusses the possibility of the US Government once again confiscating privately held gold. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, because history has a tendency of repeating itself.

We advise investing in a foolproof safe (see the joke we made there, comedy isn’t dead)

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The Best Gold Investment eBook

Investing in gold can be a perilous process, especially if you are playing with limited funds, or you have very little prior experience with investment. If you want to whet your appetite for investing in the precious metals, but aren’t sure where to begin, then you should definitely take a look at a gold investment eBook.

A gold investment eBook course will show you the ropes of investing your money in gold in the safest manner possible, as well as how to maximize any returns and minimize any losses. There is such a plethora of confusing, complicated, and oftentimes contradictory information out there about investing in the yellow metal that you might find yourself overwhelmed. This is most likely to be the case if you are trawling the Internet, trying to piece together a coherent picture of how to invest in gold.

That’s why a gold investment eBook is such a good idea, especially for beginner investors- you can learn the ropes in one place. For a small up front cost you can save dozens, potentially even hundreds, of hours of searching the Internet, reading out-of-date books, and you can learn from the mistakes of others.

What is the best digital book on gold investment?

Golden Bull, of course! It has won acclaim even from the esteemed Gold Standard Institute of Vienna. Designed for total newbies, and intermediate investors alike, there is something for everyone who wants to learn how to invest in gold properly in Golden Bull. Sewn together from years of firsthand experience, the team behind Golden Bull (and who also author other popular precious metals and lifestyle websites) are dedicated to teaching you how to invest your money safely in gold.

Both digital and print editions are available for extremely competitive prices, and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Save yourself time and effort, as well as potentially thousands of dollars in lost profits- get Golden Bull today and learn how to invest in gold properly.

Click here to learn more about the Golden Bull eBook, including how you can secure your own copy at a competitive discount.

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Gold Investment – Advantages & Disadvantages

Today we will be taking a brief look at gold investment, advantages & disadvantages. Physical gold investment is what we are discussing here; electronically tradeable, or ‘promissory’ forms of gold will have their pros and cons covered in a later post. However, in the meantime let us look at what is good, and what is bad, about investing in physical gold.

Gold Investment Advantages

  • Protect your savings from inflation. This is the biggie, and the primary reason people tend to hold gold. It is a bulwark against the cruel and ravaging forces of inflation. Your nest egg can cling on in the most tempestuous of inflationary maelstroms, provided you have gold. Why? Because it is ‘sound’ money, and therefore the value of it cannot just be inflated away. It is a historically established and universally accepted means of monetary communication. Only politicians and central bankers think it is a ‘barbarous relic’.
  • Gold acts as currency in the event of total fiat money collapse. If you woke up tomorrow morning and nobody accepted your local paper currency (because it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on) what would you do? Barter is one option, but you have to find people actually willing to swap what you want of theirs, for what they want of yours. However, gold (especially if you have it in smaller denominations such as coins) is likely to be accepted by many. In this post-money, apocalyptic world you and your clan shall thrive!
  • It is a fairly safe investment. Theoretically, gambling is a form of investment. There is just a significantly greater risk of loss, which offsets the fantastic potential for return (note, we do not encourage gambling) Gold offers a fairly safe investment, as people are always going to want it, either for decoration & adornment, for for monetary purposes.

Gold Investment Disadvantages

  • Storage is a problem. If you have physical gold then you are going to need somewhere safe and secure to store it. This can often prove to be a bit of a problem.
  • Gold’s value ‘rides the rollercoaster’. Although gold is fairly safe in the long term, in the short term you will probably notice a rollercoaster ride of value. This can be very intimidating, especially if you are a new investor.
  • The government could just confiscate your gold. It’s happened before, and if prices go high enough almost anything will happen in the name of ‘national security’ (as an aside, whenever any decree is made in the name of national security, rest assured it is designed  to rob you of your freedom and reduce you to a mere pack animal of the State)

For further analysis of gold investment, and its advantages and disadvantages get yourself a copy of Golden Bull today.


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An Interesting Coincidence

Much noise is being made in the news world at the moment over the seeming ‘end game’ for Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. After months of struggling our valiant rebels (or should we say NATO-based special forces and military hardware hidden beneath a fake veneer of cheery and dedicated militia, inspired to win despite incompetent battle dress and tactics) seem to have finally broken through Gadaffi’s defenses. Various media drones around the world are hailing this as a great breakthrough for democracy, and an end to of months of bloodshed and terror for the people of Libya.

For anybody who is not yet familiar with this latest news from Libya then read here first.

Whilst we cannot express enough our distaste at the rather ‘arbitrary’ manner of Gaddafi’s rule, an interesting coincidence has caught our attention. How amazing, that around the same time gold prices hover around their all time high Gaddafi appears to be crushed. The same Gaddafi who has a 143 tonne gold stash.

It does seem to be a rather convenient situation. Take the publics’ mind off current financial woes and Global Financial Apocalypse v 2.0 by distracting them with a ‘sudden, unexpected’ breakthrough in Libya. Rebels get a crack at a new, democratic form of government. This in turn will fail, and be replaced with an antediluvian, hard-line Islamic form of government, thus providing the West with another enemy whom we can crush and rob of their oil reserves.

And in the meantime? All that lovely gold will find its way into the hands of the rebels’ NATO backers. Britain and America probably just got 143 tonnes worth of gold richer.

Hapless Rebel – “Gaddafi is gone. Vive la révolution! ”

Uncle Sam –  ”He certainly is. For your efforts in pretending to fight a feasible war of revolution you can have a chance to impose your own corrupt system of government. Oh, and thanks for the 143 tonnes of gold. I mean we did kill hundreds of your people in air strikes, and bombs ain’t cheap. Fair trade, right?

Maybe we are crazy, but this all seems just too convenient.

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Gold Does Well What Gold Does Best

With all the tumultuous events of the past week on the financial markets and in most of the worlds’ economies, those following gold have been in for a wild ride. We don’t mean ‘wild ride’ in the roller-coaster up-and-down sense, but ‘wild ride’ in the smashing through the roof sense.

It certainly appears as if gold is doing exactly what it is supposed to do in times of financial crisis and fiat currency instability; it is acting as a powerful store of value and is managing to keep its head, even as all others around it appear to be incapable of doing so. In fact, gold has just broken through the $1700 mark for the first time in history. Yes folks- we are witnessing history unfold right before our very eyes.

The fiat fraud that has enslaved ours and future generations to indebtedness and hardship for years to come is finally unraveling. As a result, safe-haven investments such as gold and silver are suddenly becoming very desirable. The ‘barbarous relic’ that had become the laughing stock of politicians and central-bankers across the world is suddenly coming back to bite, and with one massive vengeance.

Of course, if you have followed our blog, our parent website NZ Gold (which has been discussing this very subject for over five years now)  or read Golden Bull- which we highly advise you do- then you will not be surprised by this current reaction in gold prices.

Whether the downgrade in US credit rating will come to be viewed by historians as the ‘apocalypse moment’ for the dangerous ways of the fiat ponzi and debt-addiction remains to be seen. However, what we are witnessing is a truly amazing sequence of events. Scary? Yes, but scarily exciting if you have prepared by holding gold and silver.

For more reading we recommend:


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How Will The Debt Ceiling Deal Affect Gold?

Essential reading/viewing over the last week or so has been the events unfolding in America surrounding the debt ceiling dealmaking. Although anybody willing to be even remotely independent can see that this is more of the same old rubbish, and a result only for the powers that be (they have successfully bought a few more months of respite) it will no doubt be an agonizing few weeks. Why? Because we are all going to be subjected to both Republicans and Democrats squaring off to claim credit for the ‘financial rescue’ of America. We advise that you go long on stomach sickness medicine!

Now how will the pending debt ceiling deal affect gold?

According to our friends at Zero Hedge, what will effectively be a temporary rise in the debt ceiling to the tune of $2.5 trillion, will have a rather bullish impact on gold prices. ‘Word on the street’ is that a debt ceiling rise could lead to gold hitting prices around $1950/oz, and potentially even higher.

The justification for this hypothesis? The following time-proven chart, presented here for your convenience:

See the logic?

The next few weeks could bode very well for us humble gold investors, if the above chart stays true.


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The Murder Of The US Dollar Continues Unabated

Writing from New Zealand offers some interesting perspectives on the continuing decline of the world’s (former) reserve currency of choice. With the NZD hovering around the $0.86 mark, there is a great deal of concern from exporters, and a collective sigh of relief from anybody who likes online shopping from the United States, or enjoys buying imported goods.  One of the Caerleon writers profited greatly recently on a trip to the United States, when he managed to lock in an exchange rate of 1 NZD = 0.83 USD. Even this seemed like a great deal to the intrepid journeyer.

However, it is important to remember that a declining US dollar has some very sinister side-effects, chief amongst these being a rampant rise in commodity prices. The world economy is very poorly braced to handle rising oil and commodity prices, and inflation is (in real terms, and not cleverly masked CPI terms) already rather rampant.

So here we present some rather morose viewing, in lament of our much maligned friend the Greenback:

Visit for an up-to-date and enlarged chart.

Now do you see why we believe you must hold gold?

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Essential Reading – When Money Dies

An essential piece of reading for any keen precious metals investor, or anybody who is interested in what happens to money when it becomes worthless through hyperinflation, is When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson. We have mentioned this book a few times in passing on this blog in the past, but today we feel the situation is critical enough to warrant giving a full post to this fantastic work.

When Money Dies is an engaging and thrilling history of the effects upon society when a nation’s currency ‘dies’ – that is to say it depreciates to the point of absolute worthlessness. Fergusson writes around the Weimar experience, and what went on during the German hyperinflation of 1923. Topics such as the development of a barter-based economy, where expensive luxuries were routinely traded for daily staples, are covered in great depth.

Even though When Money Dies deals with an example of hyperinflation that is approaching 100 years of age, it remains timeless and poignant in this day and age. In fact, as we watch with horror at the situation unfolding in the United States and Europe (including endless bailouts, refusal to cut government spending, and the rejection of precious metals-backed currencies) When Money Dies appears now to be more relevant than ever.

Therefore, we highly advise that you make the small investment today to get your own copy of Adam Fergusson’s magnum opus. It makes for shocking yet informative reading, as you see firsthand the damage that ‘easy money’ unleashes upon a once morally-upstanding society. Get your copy of When Money Dies on Amazon today for $8.89 only. Inflation Books)

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Gold Investment Book

Do you want to learn how to invest in gold safely and effectively?

Would you like to maximize your returns and minimize your losses on your gold investment?

Are you worried or concerned about investing in precious metals, but still want to give it a try?

Do you want to improve on your basic gold investing skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you need a gold investment book or guide.

A gold investment book will make the process of investing in gold much simpler. At first it can appear to be a rather daunting exercise that is fraught with risk and not much reward. However, by learning from the experiences and mistakes of others you will come to grasp both the basics and more complicated components of gold investing. The best way to learn from others is to get a good gold investment guide or book; you can learn an incredible amount by reading up on how to successfully dabble in gold.

Allow us to introduce you then to what we feel is one of the best gold investment books around- Golden Bull.

Why do we believe Golden Bull is so great? Simple, because we wrote it! The book is a culmination of years of hard-earned and hard-learned experience and insight into precious metals investment, specifically gold but also silver. If you are looking for a concise, clear, and straightforward guide to all the critical aspects of gold investment then Golden Bull will soon become your new best friend.

Just so you know that we aren’t the only ones vouching for the guide, both the Gold Standard Institute of Vienna and Mom’s Silver Shop have recommended Golden Bull as an excellent source of information for the aspiring gold investor. Here is what the Gold Standard Institute had to say:

‘Golden Bull’ is an excellent introduction to the ‘ins and outs’ of the gold and silver market.

‘Golden Bull’ avoids the common mistake of talking over the reader’s head. It is a well written and wide-ranging manual which shares the author’s deep knowledge in such a way that the reader can valuably add to theirs.

Philip Barton
Former President & Founder
The Gold Standard Institute-Vienna

So what else do you need to know about this gold investment book?

  • You can purchase either a digital download version (with instant access after payment) or order your very own spiral-bound physical copy.
  • Over 70 A4 pages worth of insight, advice, and strategies for maximizing the return on your gold investment.
  • Free bonus reports and articles are included.
  • You get a 60 day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
  • Priced at a low $37 USD.

Golden Bull is a comprehensive gold investment guide and will be the perfect spearhead to your precious metals arsenal.

Click here to learn more about exactly what Golden Bull will teach you, as well as how you can secure your copy of Golden Bull today.


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